International Journal of Multidisciplinary Approach and Studies A Study of Parental Attitude of Rural and Urban Girls Towards Education and Job Placement

Ajay Singh, Manju Mrs, Devi
The present study titled " A Study of Parental Attitude of Rural and Urban Girls Towards education and job placement". This study comes under a descriptive survey. 260 parents (110 rural (50 reserved and 60 unreserved) and 160 urban (80 reserved and 70 unreserved)) girls studying in four colleges of Allahabad have been selected by random sampling technique. In this study reserved category means girls belonging to SC, ST and OBC. Unreserved category means students belong to general category. 25
more » ... neral category. 25 statements based on parents' opinion of Parental attitude towards Education and job placements of Girls are used to collect the data. Important findings of the study are as: overall parental attitude towards education and job placement and education of their daughters are not similar with respect to category and area. The probable reason for this result may be social and cultural condition of various categories of parents and area of residence. Thus the hypothesis is rejected. INTRODUCTION: