I.-.On the Stylet-Region of the Ommatoplean Proboscis

W. C. McIntosh
1870 The Monthly Microscopical Journal  
The success of the conference owed much both to the very distinguished invited speakers and to the high standard of many of the contributed papers and posters. Not all of the speakers submitted their papers to theJournal of Microscopy, but this Special Volume comprises a sufficient selection, after careful refereeing, to constitute a useful, up-to-date and well balanced overview of the current research trends not only in STM but also in the many new techniques which are continuing to be borne
more » ... nuing to be borne out of this exciting approach to the study .of the structure and composition of surfaces. When I agreed to take on the editing of these papers my main aim was to come more face to face with the subject than I had in the past with the'hope of sorting out which of the many techniques involving tunnelling I could apply to my own work. Previously I had simply admired the reported results with a mixture of shock and, on occasion, disbelief, but nonetheless re-routed my own research on the applications of transmission electron microscopy away from free surfaces and onto interfaces! I feel that I chose the right moment to find out about the work going on: I quickly learned for example that the subject is, if not mature, certainly well established and yet still fresh and teeming with the excitement that comes of new challenges and successes. I remain fascinated to see whether or not work in the uses of the approach in the two difficult fields of non-conducting biological materials and surfaces under ionizable liquids can be as quantitatively rewarding as current results suggest.
doi:10.1111/j.1365-2818.1870.tb06322.x fatcat:w7eamlbyprbqdnpt62mds3pski