Production of Calcium monohydrogenphosphate from Sebaiya Phosphate Ore Leached by Nitric Acid

Mohsen M. Aly, Ahmed M. Ahmad, Magdy I. Khalifa, Ahmed A. El-Asmy
The production of phosphoric acid and/or calcium monohydrogenphosphate from Sebaiya phosphate ore was investigated by leaching with nitric acid. Various factors affecting the process such as particle size, leaching time, leaching temperature, phosphate rock/HNO3 ratio and mixing stirring speed and temperature have been studied to estimate the favor phosphate ore dissolution in relation to impurity. These parameters were fixed at a leaching time of 16 min, stirring speed of 400 rpm, temperature
more » ... f 25 oC, nitric acid concentration of 2. 5 % and acid/phosphate ore mass ratio of 25 ml/5 g. The produced aqueous acidic solution was neutralized in such a way that a pure calcium monohydrogenphosphate, Ca(HPO4), is precipitated to be used as animal fodder. The production efficiency was 97.2 %.
doi:10.17628/ecb.2013.2.752-757 fatcat:acgspp77yvhhtfk7ph2shep65a