Pablo Palacio: Corporal Violence on Impossible Identities in the Zone of the Andes

Falconí Travez, Diego Fernando
2012 452ºF  
Pablo Palacio was an Ecuadorian writer who, in the 1920's, built within his narrative a catalog of rare bodies with ambiguous and disturbing sexualities, characterizations that are quite different from ones portrayed in the Andean tradition to which Palacio belongs. Nonetheless one of the most issues striking facts of these characters is that their bodies are disciplined by certain discourses of power in a violent way. This paper explores trough literary theory such abuse and violence on women
more » ... nd homosexual identities in two of his stories. The aim of the paper is to investigate issues such as violence, economy of representation, its relationship with the literary text and vulnerability, as a sine qua non norm of abuse, in certain bodies in the area of the Andes.
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