Who were the pharaohs' quarrymen?

Elizabeth Bloxam
2005 Archaeology International  
The monumental statuary, pyramids, temples and other major structures made of stone are among the most arresting and well known of the cultural achievements of ancient Egypt. The pro duction of these involved the quarrying, preparation, transport and skilled working of huge masses of ve.ry hard rock. Ho w were such massive rocks quarried and by whom? How were the quar ries of ancient Egypt organized? These are some of the questions explored here. T he pyramids, obelisks, colossal statues and
more » ... ssal statues and temples of ancient Egypt are testament to an out standing cultural heritage made of stone. Although much is known from the architectural and building achievements behind such monuments, the actual quarries from which the stone is derived are mainly the forgotten archaeo logical sites. The logistical and technical feats involved in quarrying and transport ing large quantities of stone, sometimes over distances as great as 1,000krn, and the social organization behind these activities, have been poorly understood.
doi:10.5334/ai.v9i0.77 fatcat:lgcgeqneurb23cpqjrcythahpu