An Improved H-Algorand Consensus Mechanism With Credibility Assessment Applying in EMR Storage System

Weiqing Sun, Jiatai Sun, Xiaohui Wang, Junling Sun, Yunzhou Chai, Lihua Wang
2022 IEEE Access  
In order to enhance the security and throughput of medical records storage system, a model using an improved H-Algorand consensus mechanism with credibility assessment is proposed. In this study, the model applies blockchain technology to realize distributed storage and privacy protection of medical data. To ensure the effective operation of the blockchain system, a credibility assessment algorithm is used to obtain the trust value of each medical institution node, and replaces the account
more » ... ces in the H-Algorand consensus mechanism with the trust value as the node weight. Meanwhile, this paper designs a privacy protection scheme, through the searchable encryption algorithm and asymmetric encryption algorithm to achieve system data storage and sharing. Compared with the existing medical record storage model, the proposed model has higher security and throughput efficiency.
doi:10.1109/access.2022.3176944 fatcat:4ucrj6iugnhhzlsu2q6xpnsazm