Fuel composition effects on natural gas vehicle emissions [report]

C.F. Blazek, J. Grimes, P. Freeman, B.K. Bailey, C. Colucci
1994 unpublished
Under a contract from DOE'S National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) and support from Brooklyn Union Gas Company (BUG), Northern Illinois Gas Co., the Institute of Gas Technology (IGT) evaluated four state-of-the-art, electronic, closed-loop natural gas vehicle (NGV) conversion systems. The systems included an Impco electronic closed-loop system, Mogas electronic closed-loop system, Stewan & Stevenson's GFI system, and an Automotive Natural Gas Inc. (ANGI) Level I electronic closed-loop
more » ... rsion system. Conversion system evaluation included emission testing per 40 CFR Part 86, and driveability. All testing was performed with a 1993 Chevy Lumina equipped with a 3.1 L MPFI V6 engine. Each system was emission tested using three different certified compositions of natural gas, representing the loth, mean and 90th percentile gas compositions distributed in the United States. Emission testing on indolene was performed prior to conversion kit testing to establish a base emission value. Indolene testing was also performed at the end of the project when the vehicle was converted to its OEM configuration to ensure that the vehicle's emissions were not altered during testing. The results of these tests will be presented.
doi:10.2172/10177059 fatcat:66goj4aypbcy7cjjae4ape2av4