Ensemble-Averaged Shack–Hartmann Wave-Front Sensing for Imaging Through Turbid Media

Emmett N. Leith, Brian G. Hoover, David S. Dilworth, Patrick P. Naulleau
1998 Applied Optics  
A technique is described for ensemble-averaging the light wave emerging from a turbid medium, enabling the recovery of optical information that is otherwise lost in a speckle pattern. The technique recovers both an amplitude and a phase function for a wave that has been corrupted by severe scattering, without the use of holography. With the phase estimated, an ensemble-averaged field is constructed that can be backprojected to form an image of the object obscured by the scattering medium.
more » ... ering medium. Experimental results suggest that the technique can resolve two object points whose signals are unresolved on the exit surface of a diffuser.
doi:10.1364/ao.37.003643 pmid:18273334 fatcat:4ldj4spmbzefdeydvfa6mivgem