1916 Journal of Theological Studies  
IN the JOURNAL for January 1915 (xvi 255 fit) Mr J. Mearns published two useful indexes to the hymns in the Anthologia Graeca Carmimcm Christianorum of W. Christ and M. Paranikas (1871). In the first of these indexes he gives a list of first lines in alphabetical order, with a reference to the page of the Anthology on which ?ach occurs and an indication of the source from which each is drawn-usually the service-book in which it finds a place, occasionally the original author or some early
more » ... nt. For two of the hymns, Alvetrt, muScs, Kvpiov (Anth. p. 39), and EvAoyijTos el, Kvpie 6 Tptv fit (Anth. p. 40), 2. alvovfi.lv at, vfx.vovft.iv at, tiXoyovfiev <re Sia TTJV fityak-qv <TOV oofav, Kvpie fSaaiXtv 6 irarijp TOS Xpiorov rov afj.wfj.ov a/xvov, os atpei TTJV a/xapTiav TOW KOfTflOV. 3. coi irporti aTvot, <roi irptVci ifivos, <TO\ 86£a irpen-u T<a 6eia (cot irarpi Sia TOV vlov iv TrvevfMTi ayiw tU TOWS auSvas T<OV aidvw af).rjv. vvv djroAvets (with the rest of the Nunc dimittis). Of these four pieces, 1 and 2 perhaps belong together. But the Nunc dimittis, in 4, seems quite independent of the piece in 3, which is itself of the nature of a doxology, and has its own 'Amen '. The point of this Note is to call attention to an interesting historical fact, connected with no. 3 (o-ol Kpt-rii) above, which seems not to be commonly known. This little hymn, or doxology, was well, known in at University of Connecticut on June 15, 2015
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