Phases and stability of non-uniform black strings

Roberto Emparan, Raimon Luna, Marina Martínez, Ryotaku Suzuki, Kentaro Tanabe
2018 Journal of High Energy Physics  
We construct solutions of non-uniform black strings in dimensions from D ≈ 9 all the way up to D = ∞, and investigate their thermodynamics and dynamical stability. Our approach employs the large-D perturbative expansion beyond the leading order, including corrections up to 1/D^4. Combining both analytical techniques and relatively simple numerical solution of ODEs, we map out the ranges of parameters in which non-uniform black strings exist in each dimension and compute their thermodynamics and
more » ... quasinormal modes with accuracy. We establish with very good precision the existence of Sorkin's critical dimension and we prove that not only the thermodynamic stability, but also the dynamic stability of the solutions changes at it.
doi:10.1007/jhep05(2018)104 fatcat:gsht2zw7qzbsdlerq35i63o434