Seismological Data Acquisition and Analysis within the Scope of Citizen Science [chapter]

Ewald Brückl, Peter Carniel, Stefan Mertl, Rita Meurers
2021 Earthquakes [Working Title]  
From 2017 till 2020 a low cost seismic sensor network was built in the southern Vienna Basin, Lower Austria, as a part of ongoing educational and citizen science projects. The purpose of the project is to inform society about the seismic activity in this area and to include authorities and interested citizens into data acquisition and exploitation. Near real time (NRT) seismic data are made accessible online. Seismic events are detected and archived automatically. The visualization of these
more » ... ts online facilitates instantaneously estimates of the extent of the shaking area and potential damage. Peak ground velocities (PGV) are related to macroseismic intensities (EMS-98) derived from reports about ground motion felt in the vicinity of the network stations. Observed amplitudes and travel times are modeled by simple, but effective relations. Traditional and innovative localization methods based on travel times and amplitudes are applied and analyzed with respect to data quality and localization accuracy. All results are accessible online and the computer code is open and applicable, e.g. for educational purposes.
doi:10.5772/intechopen.95273 fatcat:uf7zzaelqjgzjbtkpjqldf6nyy