Vandy - Transverse Aortic Constriction v2 ( [dataset]

Lin Zhong, Jeffrey Rottman, Chee Lim
Summa ry: Summa ry: Hypertension in man can be modeled in the mouse by introducing a constriction in the major artery (aorta) thereby obstructing outflow and increasing the afterload to the heart. This protocol describes the procedure for aortic banding aka transverse aortic constriction (TAC). Re a ge ntsa nd Ma te ri a l s: Re a ge ntsa nd Ma te ri a l s: • Pentobarbital • Buprenorphine • Betadine • 70% alcohol • PE-50 tubing • 6-0 sutures • 7-0 sutures • 8-0 sutures 1 Mice are anesthetized
more » ... are anesthetized with pentobarbital (50, IP). 2 The ventral neck and left parasternal region is shaved and disinfected with Betadine followed by 70% alcohol. 3 The mouse is positioned supine on a heating pad and a small incision is made through the skin underlying the trachea. 4 The trachea is exposed, a small puncture is made in the trachea, and endotracheal intubation is performed using a PE-50 tube. 5 The endotracheal tube is connected to a small rodent ventilator (Harvard Apparatus) for mechanical ventilation of the mouse. 6 With the use of a surgical microscope, a left thoracotomy is performed and the second intercostal space is entered using scissors and blunt dissection to expose the aortic arch. 7 A 27G blunt needle is placed parallel to the transverse aorta between the innominate and left common carotid arteries. A 7-0 ligature is placed around the transverse aorta and needle and tied.
doi:10.17504/ fatcat:j6qbcsttjrdp7ph6zuus3eaqfm