The Nanaimo Free Press [Wednesday, July 3, 1912] [article]

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In lb. Wty lUU U» m*bt the *«• » full mu«t«c of Um City Cou ni, lU>or a*Miw ptwldin*. WO.NEEH OF HEXAOBiaE. Hia City Clork rod _ lloq from Jlr. Edgt,ll, n»king lui of-viwaUon li*d bom ruferred to th> Wktor Cumoutuo .od should b«vs Aid. yxirrestsr that the hydroms wers und«r thu jurtsd.cilua ol the Hsisr Cotunntt4». Aid. Ferguson rgmtfSdd thdt If tbs f«r of a bsu-to ths Council. iMtar Nwl: l*<«sr a r.-1 I ovsr from ths t fMuctIvs hydrsnu • HA1CHED PLOT T0KILlL0RD> iOHENER miEi csiyliK
more » ... amm T«>e ihs t wo I rtdured ha would par-'sad tba of the Council. Lurd Kitth« Khedive. Ftour perarreatad in London as he Inveatigraticfti is coa-sonally gtisrsatee that ttnac wjuld 'poHoa conferred wtOi lord Kitchenor ow bringing bo put mio proper worsiag -ond.-, thU morning and It la underatood iui a fine heal-lion within a weak. Chief Parkin'called the thjr young black bear, and wonder U hml calhrt attention to tba .toio^u lag«l you would Ilka to haie it. at any tune after Ihne IW apeaaer said rata for the time t«ing. for the i>ark. the lo'dranu were at a diOerani an-Itis in a fine cage, strongly sad hy-«le to those m other dtlas and tho '^ glenlcally bdilt with a gutter below pan to replace defect had i<, be sent to leed off to drain. I think the l»ck The speaker said U the luatpohllc are to be relied on for all It *•" ••'t 'o i*>e Fire h aniens they aewl. to eel, so that water for It to «*P«««* the rspalra drink and occasional hoain* of the i Aid. Husl.y remarked that if they rag* is .11 that would Iw necessary, fixed up these they wou.d need to do and Its attrsctlc n to the public will fepsvlng. Aid. PhTguson warrant that. I am open to an of-that this would be lees expenaa than, fer for It. to-would lend It at any that incurred by a flPS. Aid. Uc-raU till Chriatma* It is reasons Kenrie said the Fire Wardens had bly Umo and will maka a. IWe ape-done their duty. Aid. I-Vrguaoa obelmwi. I exiwct to land It at the airvlng that power was gl'eo to tli Pannera' LaDfling tomorrow ' a.'t«r-' Water Committee some three months noon end Cept. Pym would hand it ago and no rw(>uini had been made o»W to you there aa I shall io-un-, Aid .'Shepherd inforinml the Counable to he there myaell The ca«e til the defective hydrants would hjv. may need a padlock, though I have been rwidared long ago if a mistake never yet had any trouble from Urn had not occurred resulting in a f mr public I am. deer air. , i" ."/* « hydrant being Yours faithfiill-H. ElXimj,. London, July 8.~ Sawaral Mosbera of the Cenadlan colony hava Journeyed to-tlueenstown to STHt ITeniier Borden and the Ontario s«a-Itors on board the Boyal Uml«w who wiU land there to start thafar Lc don. July S.-A special dla-holidaying ,t the Lakes of KUlatnejr patch from Cairo states that the 'Hie Lord Ms|or of Bristol intends British sdvisor to tbs miatoter ol |off|cisIly wcleomji^ IVsinar Bonte the interior. th? pubite prosecutor. ; at Avisunouth. of the Cairo i IHAISK OF LOKDOX I •"l Meieral lomdon papera today ha' •'■tap*:iul BkeUhea of PTSmiar ery of a conapiracy to Abdul Hamfd. aaha Bid. nfiiWE nLOcm TRADE Iona In the labor market, a (avurahie advaac* over those of last month, aaya the Labor Gaxatts, and thetw were few man out ot work, olesriag land. baUdtng and milRIMiOM BREM FATAUIY tibwm waiy mate In •« MBs « X that the au verdict was "W# Urn * reading of ths iwty s in Inetead forwarfled If-the order had been prv-I«rl> complied with the hydraoia would previously ha\-o bam ftxed up. AW. Young moved that the Coun-\ld Forreider nvnarking that the f I reply that they could not see the blame was not on the WWter Commit way dear to «k»pi Ih. bear. AW. ,be Fire Wardene gave tlw In ; ■ Ôrisvs, seconding, said that the«iues ' f>igineer. , 'owned bv the Wwitem Canadian Coi tion should be ruled out of order. -n,., "oHon carried. | henes. Limitod in the Crow s Seat Aid. Busby said If the offer were Pass was definitely la-llled 'rhe Hally Herald says: "Be has the quiet eullivated dignity of as Ergllsb ala teamen of fifty years ago. »itfrid Ijiurier. with sU his mng era could not hocp his I. Quinn, alter a 'uonlh'a ive* her*, has ..dt 1 Seattle
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