OPEN_NEXT – Deliverable 5.1: Open source sociotechnical design components [article]

Margit Hofer, Christian Voigt, Thomas Maximilian Gloß, Technische Universität Berlin
Main area of this deliverable is the identification and description of socio-technical design areas. To do so, this deliverable includes responses of six paired interviews and findings are presented under four headings: social, technical and business perspectives as well as the involvement of citizens. Each section of findings is summarised with key points, which can serve as orientation when planning makerspace-company collaboration. A notable concern was the lack of easily accessible business
more » ... models around open source (OS), where Small and Medium-sized Enterprise (SMEs) and maker communities could benefit in fair ways, sharing risks and benefits of open source hardware (OSH) related product development. Based on the insights and a literature review a phase model is introduced. The aim of this model is to support the collaboration between SMEs and makerspaces during the product development process of OS product-service-systems (PSS) by classifying the readiness level of the developed solutions. It also aims to provide a basis for comparison within the pilot study, to identify patterns, to work out heuristics and to provide recommendations and support for the development process.
doi:10.14279/depositonce-11558 fatcat:npx2tdk52nfgtdshvl7f7swf2u