BURNCAL: A Nuclear Reactor Burnup Code Using MCNP Tallies [report]

2002 unpublished
BURNCAL is a Fortran computer code designed to aid in analysis, prediction, and optimization of fuel burnup performance in a nuclear reactor. The code uses output parameters generated by the Monte Carlo neutronics code MCNP to determine the isotopic inventory as a function of time and power density. The code allows for multiple fueled regions to be analyzed. The companion code, RELOAD, can be used to shuffle fueled regions or reload regions with fresh fuel. BURNCAL can be used to study the
more » ... d to study the reactivity effects and isotopic inventory as a function of time for a nuclear reactor system. Neutron transmutation, fission, and radioactive decay are included in the modeling of the production and removal terms for each isotope of interest. For a fueled region, neutron transmutation, fuel depletion, fission-product poisoning, actinide generation, and burnable poison loading and depletion effects are included in the calculation. Fueled and un-fueled regions, such as cladding and moderator, can be analyzed simultaneously. The nuclides analyzed are limited only by the neutron cross section availability in the MCNP cross-section library. BURNCAL is unique in comparison to other burnup codes in that it does not use the calculated neutron flux as input to other computer codes to generate the nuclide mixture for the next time step. Instead, BURNCAL directly uses the neutron absorption tally/reaction information generated by MCNP for each nuclide of interest to determine the nuclide inventory for that region. This allows for the full capabilities of MCNP to be incorporated into the calculation and a more accurate and robust analysis to be performed.
doi:10.2172/805880 fatcat:qlsisryhevfenndujscdni2fgm