Altered Potassium Ion Homeostasis in Hearing Loss [chapter]

Viktoria Szuts, Janos Andras Jarabin, Nikoletta Nagy, Ferenc Otvos, Roland Nagy, Attila Nagy, Katalin Halasy, Laszlo Rovo, Marta Szell, Jozsef Geza Kiss
2018 Ion Channels in Health and Sickness  
Connexins, Kv-type ion channels, and pannexins have a dominant role in maintaining the potassium ion homeostasis in the cochlea. The cellular background currents are sustained by Kir2.1 ion channels; however, their involvement in the hearing system is less clear. In this study, the mutations of gap junction proteins beta 2 (GJB2), beta 3 (GJB3) and beta 6 (GJB6) were screened in the white Caucasian population in Hungary using gene mapping and immunofluorescence methods from translated proteins
more » ... ranslated proteins of these genes-connexins on blood cells. Expression of connexins and Kir2.1 ion channels was investigated in the blood cells of deaf patients prior to cochlear implantation, and the results show significantly decreased amounts of connexin26 and connexin43. In addition, the coexpression of Kir2.1 ion channels with synapse-associated 97 proteins was partially impaired. Our investigation revealed a reduced level of Kir2.1 channels in deaf patients indicating a crucial role for the functional Shaker superfamily of K + channels in the non-diseased hearing system.
doi:10.5772/intechopen.77732 fatcat:5f4orsi36bgtjh5lqioqbqwhra