Geometric aspects of the dipolar interaction in lattices of small particles

Paola R Arias, D Altbir, M Bahiana
2005 Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter  
The hysteresis curves of systems composed of small interacting magnetic particles, regularly placed on stacked layers, are obtained with Monte Carlo simulations. The remanence as a function of temperature, in interacting systems, presents a peak that separates two different magnetic states. At low temperatures, small values of remanence are a consequence of antiferromagnetic order due to the dipolar interaction. At higher values of temperature the increase of the component normal to the lattice
more » ... rmal to the lattice plane is responsible for the small values of remanence. The effect of the number of layers, coordination number and distance between particles are investigated.
doi:10.1088/0953-8984/17/10/017 fatcat:7mw5oeennrdhhdt2rgerfyydvi