Scale Transformations in Metric-Affine Geometry

Damianos Iosifidis, Tomi Koivisto
2019 Universe  
This article presents an exhaustive classification of metric-affine theories according to their scale symmetries. First it is clarified that there are three relevant definitions of a scale transformation. These correspond to a projective transformation of the connection, a rescaling of the orthonormal frame, and a combination of the two. The most general second order quadratic metric-affine action, including the parity-violating terms, is constructed in each of the three cases. The results can
more » ... e straightforwardly generalised by including higher derivatives, and implemented in the general metric-affine, teleparallel, and symmetric teleparallel geometries.
doi:10.3390/universe5030082 fatcat:e4agmgwkarcbfi75hb4wya3q4u