((A sky that does not address its clouds)) by the poet

Esraa Hamoudi
2021 College of basic education researches journal  
This Research study of stylistic phenomenon in the experience of the Mosuli poet, as he is considered one of the Mosul poets who achieved a distinguished presence in their poetic writings . The research tried hard to approach the semantic level and the sentence structure and structures. Moreover it focused on the phenomenon of rhythm, which achieved a remarkable presence in this poetic group. The study has taken from the constructivist stylistic approach in analyzing the poetic verses, which is
more » ... how the construction of the word and how the parts have been placed in any building, which leads to the beauty of formation and highlights the semantics, structure, and rhythm. Two poems have been chosen from the diwan because they represent a model that expresses the aesthetic, stylistic phenomena that characterized the poet's writings and his distinguished style for this group. As the study touch the rhythmic aesthetic inherent in his poetry, which raised the stylistic search mechanism and touched on the mechanisms of its aesthetic potential under his words, which called for a trend towards the analytical research field according to the technical techniques and linguistic, poetic and aesthetic value that the study sought to analyze
doi:10.33899/berj.2022.170290 fatcat:o7ztjqdtxrcqtfufmltgawqsd4