Efectos agudos de la aplicación del Dynamic Tape® sobre el rendimiento de salto vertical: un estudio de caso [chapter]

Mateo Baena Marín, Alejandro Gómez Rodas, Diego A. Bonilla, Luis Enrique Isaza Velásquez, Anthony Baculima López
2021 Competitive Risaralda, generating research alliances for development  
Different types of neuromuscular tapes have led to no consensus about its benefits on muscle performance. Unlike kinesiology and rigid tapes, Dynamic Tape® has different composition and properties with unknown effects on performance. The aim of this exploratory-type case study was to report the acute effects of dynamic tape® application on vertical jump performance. Material and methods: Using a test-retest methodology, a case study was carried out in two 21-year-old, healthy and physically
more » ... and physically active women. Flight time, jump height and muscle power were evaluated by squat jump and countermovement jump tests using a contact mat, before and after the application of dynamic tape® on quadriceps and gastrocnemius muscles. Single and double taping were also used in different combinations. Results: Improvements of up to 10.8% on flight time, 22.6% on jump height and 8.9% on muscle power were observed for squat jump after the application of dynamic tape®. Conclusions: This preliminary and explo ...
doi:10.22517/9789587224955.3.2 fatcat:co3srhqkozcohigyfxuvrh4nrm