International Journal of Applied Ayurved Research ISSN: 2347-6362 CLINICAL UNDERSTANDING OF PRANAVAHA SROTUS IN AYURVEDA

Acharya Kumar
Respiratory system is one among the major systems of the body which helps in maintaining the homeostasis of the body. This not only provides the vital oxygen to the blood,but also play a major role maintains the biochemical equation of the blood by excretion of metabolic waste. Clinically understsding this system helps a lot in examination and diagnosing various disorders related to the same. As maximum disorders in the early childhood are related Respiratory system, and thorough clinical
more » ... dge helps in accurate examination and diagnosis. Respiratory system has been compared with PranavahaSrotus in Ayurveda for practical purpose and Shwasa, Kasa, Hikka, Rajayakshma , Urakshata , and Pratishaya are few of the major disease entity related to same. Understanding the morbid states of this system in parameters of Ayurveda helps for application of Ayurvedic knowledge and protocol, hence in diagnosing and treatment as per Ayurveda. Certain clinical parameters like respiratory rate, rhytm, types palpatory findings , different auscultatory sounds , pressure changes inside the chest cavity, shifting of the apex beat help to analyse Ayurvedic principles under the light of modern science. This definitely helps to have a comprehensive Ayurvedic view, and to get success in Ayurvedic diagnosis and treatment.