Training, Supervision and Mentoring with Integrity: An Educational Scenario by the EnTIRE project

Bert Gordijn
2020 Zenodo  
Members of The Embassy of Good Science have developed a set of eight scenarios for educational purposes and to stimulate strategic thinking about issues in research ethics and research integrity. This scenario presents a hypothetical narrative that addresses specific ways in which training, supervision and mentoring practices can undermine the standards of research integrity. It focuses on issues regarding: The obligations of research ethics committee members when it comes to their knowledge of
more » ... their knowledge of different disciplinary designs, methodologies and analytical tools; The obligations to promote and provide training in different research integrity guidelines and standards; The relationships between discipline-specific, institutional and national codes of conduct; The navigation of the differences between discipline-specific, institutional and national codes of conduct; Allegations of conflicts of interest; The duties and obligations of project coordinators and principal investigators. It is interspersed with questions and resource suggestions that help guide researchers, research ethics committees ('RECs'), research integrity offices ('RIOs') and research administrators in their deliberations concerning the research integrity issues raised by the narrative.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.4063899 fatcat:n7yb26gxn5axjbqlnrgjt73i4u