Concept of a New Generation Synchrotron Radiation Facility KEK Light Source

Tohru Honda, Lindroos, Mats (Ed.), Seidel, Mike (Ed.), Pranke, Juliana (Ed.), Arduini, Gianluigi (Ed.), Schaa, Volker RW (Ed.)
KEK has proposed a new SR facility: KEK Light Source (KEK-LS) towards the completion of the first half of the 2020s. The energy and the natural horizontal emittance are 3 GeV and 0.13 nm rad, respectively. To mitigate the intra-beam scattering effect, we are planning to install third harmonic RF cavities. The extremely low emittance ring has been designed based on the Hybrid Multi-Bend Achromatic (HMBA) lattice, which was originally developed at the ESRF upgrade project. We have modified it to
more » ... ave modified it to insert a short straight section at the center of the unit cell. The number of unit cells is 20, and the circumference is about 570 m. Except for an RF section and an injection section, the ring can accommodate 18 undulators in the long straight sections of 5.6 m, and the additional 20 short straight section of 1.2 m will be used for short-period narrow-gap undulators. If we assume an undulator of the magnetic period 20 mm, total length 5.0 m, and the smallest gap 4 mm, the SR brightness approaches 10²² Photons/mrad²/mm²/s/0.1%B.W. at the X-ray range. It has a high coherent fraction of about 20% at the diffraction limit wavelength 0.32 keV.
doi:10.18429/jacow-ipac2017-wepab047 fatcat:tdgjkgp6efffrcmf3k6qbwohsu