A relação entre as capacidades de tecnologia da informação e a gestão do conhecimento: uma visão sob a perspectiva da resource-based view [thesis]

Henrique Takashi Adati Tomomitsu
In the context of resource-based view, which is one of the key strategic approaches associated with an organization's internal factors, information technology appears as a resource that can have positive impacts on an organization's performance. Faced with some typologies identified in the literature, some authors divide information technology resources into three groups: tangible IT resources, IT human resources, and IT-enabled intangible resources. In the latter group it is highlighted that
more » ... highlighted that knowledge can be made via IT and should be considered an asset that the company could use through IT to differentiate itself from its competitors. In this way, it can be said that there is an influence of IT capacities (IT infrastructure, IT operation and IT human resources) over knowledge management, since they can enable a better efficiency in the management processes of the knowledge. The objective of this work is to analyze the relationship of information technology capacities on knowledge management, taking into account the following factors: the strategic impact of IT in the present and in the future, and the style of knowledge management aimed at explicit knowledge , in order to verify if these factors affect the intensity of the relationship main focus of the study. In order to reach the proposed objectives, a research was carried out following a quantitative approach, through a survey survey. Empirical evidence has been found that IT capacity has a positive impact on knowledge management as already highlighted in the literature, besides this result it was found that the moderating factors positively influence this relationship. The major contributions to the theory were the increase of three new processes composing the dimensions of knowledge management, and the inclusion of the moderating effects (the style of knowledge management focused on explicit knowledge, the strategic impact of IT in the present and in the future) in the proposed research model.
doi:10.11606/d.3.2018.tde-27042018-101032 fatcat:y4uar4rndvasfnv6eiwhvs5k7m