A Study on Analysis & Outlook of Smart City based on Actual Cases

Seong-Hoon Lee, Dong-Woo Lee
2015 International Journal of Smart Home  
ICT convergence fields include various regions. In this paper, we described a smart city which was leading case in digital convergence and related with our life.During the last decades, cities have become increasingly central in the economic, social, and development-related processes. Since 1990 the term Smart City has been spreading in conjunction with the liberalization of telecommunications and the development of services provided through the internet. We described actual cases of smart city
more » ... in Europe and Asia, and focused on analysis and applicability of current smart city in this paper. Copyright ⓒ 2015 SERSC 185 situation they might be in through various contents. This plays a role as a knowledge bank for digital communication service too. Lastly, "Reasonable Infra Ethically" means that whether the services available in a city are ethically reasonable and useful in specific aspects is examined. Currently, the district of 'Cross Roads' in Copenhagen is occupied by many colleges including IT University of Copenhagen, private companies including Nokia and HP, public agencies including Denmark broadcasting system and Royal library, etc., 'Cross Roads' is advancing into a global R&D city through the networking of cultures, media, and communication technologies among the city, individuals, and companies. The SmartSantander project in Spain aims at 'Smart Urbanization' of Santander in the Northern part of Spain by applying various IT systems. The budget allotted for this project by EU amounts to 8670,000 euro in total, and the four-year plan for the smart city was initiated in September 2010. Since this SmartSantander project focuses on application of cutting-edge information technologies into the city rather than energy saving, more than 20,000 units of sensors, collectors, and cameras were installed in the city so that public agencies, private companies, and civilians can grasp the city situations realtime. More than 20,000 devices distributed over the city are connected to on the integrated system through which information of weather, traffic situation, traffic congestion, and coastal condition is provided realtime, and it is also possible to manage noise, sprinklers, and school security systems by means of the remote control system.
doi:10.14257/ijsh.2015.9.7.18 fatcat:eijsf6mknfeztjevf4x3mhlati