Axolotl blastema dissociation into single cell suspension v1 ( [dataset]

Nicholas Leigh
1 1 This protocol is designed to obtain blastema cells (and wound epidermis if left attached) into a single cell suspension. It was specifically designed for single cell RNA sequencing, but can be used for other applications in which a single cell suspension is desired. The goal is to obtain a single cell suspension with near 100% viability in a rapid fashion. This protocol does not use centrifugation, but instead uses a gradient replacement strategy pioneered by Briggs et al, 2018 Science.
more » ... strategy washes away free-floating RNA from cells by using progressively denser solutions to "lift" off the solution in which the cells are currently emersed. This protocol could be can be modified to utilize centrifugation instead and likely should be if planning on anything other than single cell RNAseq on inDrops as a next step.
doi:10.17504/ fatcat:fmnwcrx67neq3py4prxwce557m