Experiments With Some Programs That Search Game Trees

James R. Slagle, John E. Dixon
1969 Journal of the ACM  
Many problems in artificial intelligence involve the searching of large trees of alternative possibilities for example, game-playing and theorem-proving. The problem of efficiently searching large trees is discussed. A new method called "dynamic ordering" is described, and the older minimax and Alpha-Beta procedures are described for comparison purposes. Performance figures are given for six variations of the game of kalah. A quantity called "depth ratio" is derived which is a measure of the
more » ... a measure of the efficiency of a search procedure. A theoretical limit of efficiency is calculated and it is shown experimentally that the dynamic ordering procedure approaches that limit. The M and N procedure [18] backs up some functi(m of the M highest va~lued successors of a Max position and some function of the N lowest valued successors of a Min position. PrelimV nary results indicate that the M and N procedure is superior to minimax
doi:10.1145/321510.321511 fatcat:h657nf3tpvgphivzvdwran7lhy