Organization-Cognition Fit: Exploring recruitment and selection through Agent -based Modelling

Gayanga Herath
and Communication. He is one of the University's youngest research fellows. He also serves as an active member of the Research Centre for Computational and Organizational Cognition (CORG), a research center dedicated to the study of cognitive aspects in and around organizations, with a focus on encouraging a diverse range of approaches and research methodologies, with a special emphasisbut not exclusivelyon computational social science and distributed cognition. Moreover, he also serves as the
more » ... ommunications and marketing officer for the special interest group on Organizational Behavior for the European Academy of Management which is Europe's largest learned society dedicated to the advancement of the academic discipline of management and organizational studies. He holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) degree in Computer Networks and Security, as well as knowledge and project experience in the field. He also holds a Master's degree with distinction from the University of Lancastera top ten university in the UKin the fields of IT, management, and organizational change. His current research interests are in Organizational Cognition and Behavior, with a focus on computational simulation, particularly Agent-Based Simulation Modeling (ABM). In addition, he is actively working on projects in the areas of Policy Evaluation, Unforeseen Aspects of Peer Review, Sustainable Consumer Behavior, Human Resource Management (HRM), and Recruitment and Selection (R&S).
doi:10.21996/0dsd-hh44 fatcat:xeojw7dykzdq5dwrojoxo2gmuy