Baroclinically-driven flows and dynamo action in rotating spherical fluid shells

Radostin D. Simitev, Friedrich H. Busse
2017 Geophysical and Astrophysical Fluid Dynamics  
The dynamics of stably stratified stellar radiative zones is of considerable interest due to the availability of increasingly detailed observations of Solar and stellar interiors. This article reports the first non-axisymmetric and time-dependent simulations of flows of anelastic fluids driven by baroclinic torques in stably stratified rotating spherical shells -- a system serving as an elemental model of a stellar radiative zone. With increasing baroclinicity a sequence of bifurcations from
more » ... pler to more complex flows is found in which some of the available symmetries of the problem are broken subsequently. The poloidal component of the flow grows relative to the dominant toroidal component with increasing baroclinicity. The possibility of magnetic field generation thus arises and this paper proceeds to provide some indications for self-sustained dynamo action in baroclinically-driven flows. We speculate that magnetic fields in stably stratified stellar interiors are thus not necessarily of fossil origin as it is often assumed.
doi:10.1080/03091929.2017.1361945 fatcat:pb4tnaklurhafozokzgmhtyk34