2P220 A novel (?) proton influx pathway in the plasma membrane of osteoclasts(13C. Biological & Artificial membrane:Excitation & Channels,Poster)
2P220 破骨細胞膜に存在する新規の(?)プロトン流入経路(13C. 生体膜・人工膜:興奮・チャネル,ポスター,第52回日本生物物理学会年会(2014年度))

Miyuki Kuno, Guanshuai Li, Yoshiko Hino, Yoshie Moriura, Junko Kawawaki, Hiromu Sakai
2014 Seibutsu Butsuri  
We observed giant liposomes composed of negatively charged lipids (PC/PI) and containing a sugar solution, and found that when they were exposed to a hypertonic KCl solution, very thin membrane tubes protruded into the interior of the spherical liposomes. To investigate the mechanism of this phenomenon, we numerically calculated the free energy of curved membranes, which is determined by the membrane elasticity, the surface charge density and the distribution of electrolytes in the aqueous
more » ... in the aqueous solution. The result showed that unless the lipid molecules have bulky heads, a cylindrical charged membrane has lower energy than a flat one. This fact suggests that the thin tubes observed in the experiment may be induced by the electrostatic effect of the membrane charge.
doi:10.2142/biophys.54.s231_4 fatcat:qhtya4s45jhqtj7grzsni5chmu