Practical Pd(TFA)2-Catalyzed Aerobic [4+1] Annulation for the Synthesis of Pyrroles via "One-Pot" Cascade Reactions

Yang Yu, Zhiguo Mang, Wei Yang, Hao Li, Wei Wang
2016 Catalysts  
The Pd(TFA) 2 -catalyzed [4+1] annulation of chained or cyclic α-alkenyl-dicarbonyl compounds and unprotected primary amines for "one-pot" synthesis of pyrroles is reported here. Enamination and amino-alkene were involved in this practical and efficient tandem reaction. The annulation products were isolated in moderate to excellent yields with O 2 as the terminal oxidant under mild conditions. In addition, this method was applied to synthesize highly regioselective aminomethylated and
more » ... lated and di(1H-pyrrol-3-yl)methane products.
doi:10.3390/catal6110169 fatcat:khsdoxc4krc3tj45ayvnieid7i