The symbolic power of corporate culture organizations

V. P. Kubko
2014 Granì  
The purpose of the study is to outline the nature of the symbolic block of the corporate culture and its role in the formation and development of the modern organization. In this paper the symbolic part of the corporate culture of the modern organizations has been analyzed. The role of symbols in the development and formation of corporate culture organizations and their values is determined. Corporate culture is characterized as a set of behavioral norms, artifacts, values, ideas and concepts,
more » ... deas and concepts, which are created by the organization. The corporate culture has to help us overcome obstacles, internal and external, on the way to success and prosperity. Corporate culture is a socially created reality which helps us to solve certain problems. The corporate culture serves as the level of formation of knowledge, skills, technology activities to achieve the objectives of a certain organization. The space of corporate culture, in turn, consists of meanings, symbols, myths, ideological directives, behavioral practices, communication links and a set of material objects. Thus, the characters are a common feature of the concept of corporate culture and thanks to them the values of the orientation «are being transmitted» to all members of the organization. The symbolic block of the culture has rituals, symbols, myths, legends, heroic peculiarities of organizations that reflect the most concise strong forms of the company culture, its major landmarks in the laconic and figurative shape.
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