Improvement and Design of Transmitter Modifier Wind Cooling Protection for CINRAD/CB Weather Radar

Shi Zheng, Guan Wang, Xingyou Huang, Chuanhai Miao, Wanru Xing, Simeng Chen, Boshi Kang
2018 Journal of Geoscience and Environment Protection  
Doppler weather radar has important applications in measuring the intrinsic factors of cloud, rainfall and various convective weather occurrences. Among them, CINRAD/CB Doppler weather radar is based on the requirements of the China Meteorological Administration and many units have been provided. The modulator is a critical part of the transmitter's high voltage, where high voltage, high current, and energy conversion are concentrated. It is therefore necessary to redesign the transmitter
more » ... e transmitter modulator cooling system protection. This article describes the new design of hardware and software solutions. The fan is a DV5214/2N DC fan from Ebmpapst, Germany. The speed is up to 5000 rpm, the power is 18.5 W, and the single fan current is about 0.8 A. It is powered by 28 V. The protection board uses a DC/DC module to output a 5 V voltage and a 3.3 V voltage adjustment chip LM1117. The embedded web software is based on the TCP/IP protocol stack provided by MICROCHIP. After the cooling system is designed and installed in the radar station in Xi'an, China and other places, after long-term operation, the comprehensive test shows that the system runs well.
doi:10.4236/gep.2018.611011 fatcat:wxxa6usn65frxnqn3tnzofiea4