1920 Archives of Internal Medicine  
In looking over the literature of the histology of lethargic encephalitis which has accumulated during the last few years, it was of interest to note that no one has made mention of the inflammatory changes which may occur in the cranial nerves in these cases. Since this fact may be of importance in clearing up and explaining many of the clinical symptoms, in subsequently giving aid for the solution of the etiology of this affection and in differentiating it pathologically from acute
more » ... om acute poliomyelitis, it became of interest to study more carefully the material obtained from the necropsies made in three cases and to report the findings with abstracts of the clinical histories. These cases were treated and died in the Barnes Hospital, and the abstracts of the clinical histories reported in this paper are taken from the histories which are filed there. REPORT OF CASES Case 1.\p=m-\J.H. T., male, negro, aged 46 years, chauffeur, was admitted to the hospital, Feb. 14, 1919, in the service of Dr. George Dock. The patient complained of a general run down condition and failing eyesight. The family history was not important. Past History.-His past history has also been uneventful. He does not remember ever having been sick before the present illness. He denies syphilis and gonorrhea and gives no history which would indicate his having had the same. He has followed the profession of chauffeur for the last twelve years. He has never married. He eats regularly and drinks two or three glasses of whisky, 2 or 3 pints of beer and 1 cup of coffee a day but he takes no tea or drugs. Present Illness.-This commenced three weeks ago. The first symptom was weakness of vision. This bothered him in driving a car. A physician was consulted who told him he was losing his eyesight and gave him an eyewash. He has had no headache and he has not had complete loss of vision at any time. His appetite is good. He has had no fever, chills, pain of any kind, nausea or vomiting, but during the whole of the last month his bowels have moved but once a week. There has been no loss of weight, no cough, no urinary symptoms. Aside from the changes in vision Kis only complaint is weakness. He feels tired all the time and wants to lie down and when he does he always falls asleep. During the last week he has slept excessively. From the pathological laboratory
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