Новые тройные сплавы на медно-никелевой основе с тугоплавкими элементами для эпитаксиальных подложек

Ю.В. Хлебникова, Т.Р. Суаридзе, Ю.Н. Акшенцев
2020 Журнал технической физики  
The article is devoted to the analysis of the quality of crystallographic texture in thin tapes made of a number of Cu–40%Ni–Me (Ме=Nb, Мо, W) ternary alloys, which have the prospect of being used as epitaxial substrates. The modes of recrystallization annealing are optimized, which allow to obtain a perfect cubic texture with a grain fraction {001}<100> of more than 96% in the belts of the studied alloys with a thickness of about 100 m. The proposed alloys are paramagnetic at the operating
more » ... perature of a high-temperature superconductor and are cheaper than Nickel alloys, so they can be an alternative to the most widely used Ni–4.8 at.%W alloy in the production of tape substrates today.
doi:10.21883/pjtf.2020.23.50341.18448 fatcat:soswenus3rawxnu6n2jvz6zyqm