Ukrainian Orthodox Monasteries as a Factor in National History

Valeriy Klymov
2001 Ukrainian Religious Studies  
In its nearly 1000-year history, the Ukrainian monastery as a specific religious institution, aimed at realizing the idea of ​​a perfect Christian life through self-isolated forms of organization of life, experienced a rather complicated evolution. In Ukraine, this complexity has not always been dictated by the inherent development of monasticism itself (the monk in translation from Greek - solitary) or the peculiarities of the forms of organization of monastic life (anachormatism, slander,
more » ... atism, slander, laurels, kinovies), and to a large extent determined by external non-monastic and extra-church factors.
doi:10.32420/2001.20.1184 fatcat:fgvh356q7fbsdnbew4p3d7kcxy