RF Exposure Assessment for Various Poses of Patient Assistant in Open MRI Environment

Seon-Eui Hong, Sukhoon Oh, Hyung-Do Choi
2021 Applied Sciences  
In this study, the radio-frequency (RF) energy exposure of patient assistants was assessed for an open magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) system based on numerical computations of the head and body RF coil. Various poses of the patient assistants were defined to see how poorly they affected the RF energy exposure. For the assessments, the peak spatial-averaged specific absorption rate (SAR) levels were carefully compared with each patient assistant pose based on the finite-difference time domain
more » ... alculations of RF coil models when the patient was placed in such coils in a 0.3 Tesla open MRI system. Overall, the SAR levels of the patient assistant were much lower than those of the patient. However, significantly increased SAR levels were observed under specific conditions, including a larger loop size of the patient assistants' arms and a closer distance to the RF coils. A comparably high level of SAR to the patient's body was also found. More careful investigations are needed to prevent the increase of SAR in patient assistants for open MRI systems at higher field strengths.
doi:10.3390/app11114967 fatcat:jjf44d4o4bedbfmbzei2mctgl4