The concept of automated functional design of heart valve prostheses

P. S. Onishchenko, K. Yu. Klyshnikov, M. A. Rezvova, E. A. Ovcharenko
2021 Complex Issues of Cardiovascular Diseases  
Aim. To develop an algorithm for the automated functional design of the heart valve leaflet apparatus.Methods. The geometry of the aortic valve leaflet was designed in the Matlab programming environment (MathWorks, Massachusetts, USA). Numerical modeling of the opening process was performed using Abaqus/CAE (Dassault Systemes, France).Results. We developed an algorithm, with the help of which a set of models of the leaflet apparatus was designed. 8 models were subjected to numerical modeling of
more » ... the stress-strain state. The locking pressure simulation has shown that the smallest von Mises stress value was recorded for a sample with a larger surface area of the leaflet belly and it equals 0.422 MPa. The results obtained show that the value of the radius of curvature significantly affects the behavior of the entire valve, which leads to the conclusion that it is necessary to carefully select the design of the valve apparatus for its correct functioning.Conclusion. The study provides the primary confirmation that the concept of the algorithm is efficient for the automated functional design of the aortic heart valve leaflet apparatus.
doi:10.17802/2306-1278-2021-10-2s-63-67 fatcat:r3lhkdlnfrgnzaeaamso2ozer4