Study on the Impact Factors of Environmental Facility Planning and Design on Urban Development [post]

Ling Yang, Minyuan Zhu
2021 unpublished
In the world of advancement, the development of the urban environment by providing favorable and secure conditions to the population are always directed to environmental factors of various levels. The role in urban development and growth remains an integral part of their management. It should focus on improving the effectiveness of territorial utilization and enhancing environmental resources.The planning will be based on the information regarding the past and present events of the recognized
more » ... ological processes in cities. Currently, there are several issues in towns that need to be addressed effectively and efficiently. The poor urban environment is a significant issue which leads to ecological issues. The environmental factors are one of the most important aspects that people should consider when implementing growth plans in the urban areas. This paper explores environmental factors such as Density, Compactness, Fragment, Variation, Cohesion in urban territory design and management.
doi:10.21203/ fatcat:g3v5tkmrnjb67e5ljyzx5w3gz4