Meryem BULUT-
2019 Turkish Studies  
This study is concerned with the story of sedentary life from Dumuzi and Enkimdu to Cain and Abel. Humans led a nomadic life for a long time on the earth beginning with their existence. A "farmershepherd conflict" arose as a result of food production with the taming of vegetation and animals. Land is extremely important for growing grain and feeding animals. Conflicts occur between communities due to lands which cannot be shared with other communities. Such conflicts have been continuing today
more » ... n the form of local conflicts. The story of Cain and Abel, who are considered as the symbols of agriculture and animal breeding activities, describes one of the oldest socio-economic conflicts of the existence of humanity on the earth. The origins of the narrative date back to the Sumerians.
doi:10.29228/turkishstudies.23495 fatcat:hu2647kzwrbqpjjh755sch23ia