A Reversible Method to Characterize the Mass Sensitivity of a 3-Dof Mode Localized Coupled Resonator under Atmospheric Pressure

Yuan Wang, Chun Zhao, Chen Wang, Delphine Cerica, Mathieu Baijot, Vinayak Pachkawade, Ali Ghorbani, Maxime Boutier, Alain Vanderplasschen, Michael Kraft
2017 Proceedings (MDPI)  
In this paper, for the first time, the mass sensitivity of a 3-DoF mode localized electrostatic coupled resonator was characterized under atmospheric pressure. A reversible method was used in which nanoparticles are added on and removed from one resonator of the 3-DOF coupled resonator system. Besides, a comparison of three mass sensitivity characterization methods was carried out: resonance frequency shift, amplitude change and resonance vibration amplitude ratio. The results show that a 3-DOF
more » ... mode localized coupled resonator has potential to be employed for biosensing applications.
doi:10.3390/proceedings1040493 fatcat:jhflhzx6dvgwlgrelmkbtll4ia