Analysis of axial forces in harmonic drives of mining machines and heavy industrial equipment

V N Strelnikov, M G Sukov
2019 Journal of Physics, Conference Series  
Special features of arising axial forces in heavy-duty harmonic gear drives with the disk wave generator are described. As a result of research performed, it is found that kinematic pairs formed by the wave generator disks and the flexspline serve as a source of axial forces in heavy-duty harmonic gear drives. The disclosure of physics of the effects taking place in the elastic kinematic pairs: diskflexspline, determination of nature of axial forces acting in the area of the wave generator
more » ... wave generator under load, allows uprating of the performance data, lifting of loadcarrying capacity restrictions and providing full development of heavy-duty harmonic gear drives. The force analysis of the results of the experimental research of axial forces in the heavyduty harmonic gear drives with the disk wave generator, arising in kinematic pairs: diskflexspline -has been carried out. Axial forces were measured employing the method of strain gauging of the flexsplines of the heavy-duty waveform gear reduction units tested under the laboratory and production-line conditions of heavy engineering, with the adjustable load conditions. Functional connection of axial forces values with the harmonic gear drives design features has been established, depending on the external loads.
doi:10.1088/1742-6596/1353/1/012042 fatcat:s2vakmw6jjc7pj3vkgbe7k4dma