Materials and technologies of powder metallurgy in components of aviation and space engineering

A. Ph. Ilyushchanka, A. K. Kryvanos, Ya. Ya. Piatsiushyk, V. A. Osipov, S. G. Baray
2020 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus Physical-Technical Series  
Examples of the implementation of powder metallurgy methods and their individual elements in the processes of producing materials with special properties and products thereof are considered. The possibility is shown and the results of producing radar-absorbing and radar-transparent materials in the form of solid bodies and coatings are evaluated. The addition of technological transitions, traditional for powder metallurgy, providing in general the production of radar-transparent materials, with
more » ... the processes of mechanically activated synthesis and mechanically activated self-propagating high-temperature synthesis at the stages of preparing powders for molding, makes it possible to make the transition to the production of radar-absorbing materials. The high efficiency of both has been confirmed experimentally. The transition from a single-component composition of the initial charge mixture through the formation of the phase composition of the material due to the inclusion of powder components into the mixed charge, the composition and crystal structure of which remain unchanged at all stages of its preparation, to the synthesis of the required phase composition due to the interaction of powder components at one of the stages of technological conversion makes it possible to synthesize, for example, silicon carbide ceramics directly in practically useful products, particularly, substrates of optical mirrors for remote sensing of the Earth. The technological operations developed in powder metallurgy have become a background for the production of energy-saturated heterogeneous composite materials. Actively developing additive technologies, as a relatively new branch of powder metallurgy, expands its capabilities practically boundless.
doi:10.29235/1561-8358-2020-65-3-272-284 fatcat:5slwfd2ocnf2vcrwaddmwesrse