Measuring instruments for determining composition of exhaust gases of ship internal combustion engines
Измерительные приборы для определения состава отработавших газов судовых двигателей внутреннего сгорания

Vladimir Anatoljevich Zhukov, Sergey Andreevich Sherban
The article describes the problem of air pollution by engines of sea and river vessels. Compliance with environmental requirements established by state and international regulatory documents is a prerequisite for the safe operation of sea and river vessels. The composition of the exhaust gases of marine diesel engines should be considered the main and most objective criterion for the environmental safety of marine power plants. The requirements for the exhaust gases composition and the
more » ... on and the procedure for determining regulated indicators are established by various regulatory documents which indicate only the principle the device operation. Most regulatory documents do not take into account the capabilities of modern devices and design features of ship power plants. In the process of analyzing exhaust gases, the composition of toxic substances and solid particles is determined by gas analyzers and smoke meters. The principles of operation of modern instruments are described, their capabilities and metrological characteristics are presented, and the prospects for using such instruments on sea and river vessels are evaluated. The problems that arise during the analysis of exhaust gases on small displacement vessels with wet exhaust gases are considered. There have been proposed the measures which will improve the quality of marine diesel emissions control and contribute to improving the technical operation of the fleet. The necessity of updating the instrumental base for monitoring toxicity and smoking of exhaust gases of marine diesel engines is indicated. The solution to the problem requires an integrated approach, taking into account the operating conditions of ships, capabilities of measuring equipment, design features of ship engines, requirements of regulatory documents and rules of classification societies.
doi:10.24143/2073-1574-2020-2-100-110 fatcat:qbsjy4zn3ne27cnlz5kcogcpuy