Formation of quasistationary vortex and transient hole patterns through vortex merger

R. Ganesh, J. K. Lee
2002 Physics of Plasmas  
Collection of point-like intense vortices arranged symmetrically outside of a uniform circular vortex patch, both enclosed in a free-slip circular boundary, are numerically time evolved for up to 10-15 patch turnover times. These patterns are found to merge with the patch by successively inducing nonlinear dispersive modes (V-states͒ on the surface of the patch, draw off fingers of vorticity ͑filamentation͒, trap the irrotational regions as the fingers symmetrize under the shear flow of the
more » ... h and point-like vortices ͑wave breaking͒ followed by the vortex-hole capture. While the hole patterns are observed to break up over several turnover periods the vortex patterns appear to evolve into quasistationary patterns for some cases of an initial number of point-like vortices N pv . The bounded V-states, filamentation, and vortex ͑hole͒ pattern formation are discussed in some detail and their possible connection to recently observed vortex "crystals" is pointed out.
doi:10.1063/1.1513154 fatcat:7ycxmil2hbg3rjvutey2pj255i