Mass-Radius Relations of Z and Higgs-Like Bosons

Bo Lehnert
2014 PROGRESS IN PHYSICS   unpublished
Relations between the rest mass and the effective radius are deduced for the Z boson and the experimentally discovered Higgs-like boson, in terms of a revised quantum electrodynamic (RQED) theory. The latter forms an alternative to the Standard Model of elementary particles. This results in an effective radius of the order of 10 −18 m for the Z boson, in agreement with accepted data. A composite model for the Higgs-like boson is further deduced from the superposition of solutions represented by
more » ... ions represented by two Z bosons. This model satisfies the basic properties of the observed Higgs-like particle, such as a vanishing charge and spin, a purely electrostatic and strongly unstable state, and an effective radius of about 10 −18 m for a rest mass of 125 GeV.