On-Site Testing of Distribution Transformers [article]

Uwe Kaltenborn, Andreas Thiede, University, My, University, My
In case of transformers, the routine test after manufacturing was seen as sufficient. Meanwhile transformer manufacturers as well as Distribution System Operators (DSOs) and their respective service suppliers are requesting test systems to execute on-site tests of distribution transformers. Addressing such a challenge led to the development of a modular test system. In a first step a modular system was developed to do an induced voltage test according IEC 60076-3 [1] including the measurement
more » ... partial discharge (PD). In a second step the test system will be extended for the measurement of no-load losses, load losses and short-circuit impedance acc. IEC 60076-1 [2] as well as temperature rise acc. IEC 60076-2 [3].
doi:10.34890/838 fatcat:uguwr7yhr5axbdejuowcyzjvaa