P. Gardiner, M. Waller, G. Mishra, A.J. Dobson
2017 Innovation in aging  
Given population aging and the prevalence of multiple biopsychosocial issues amongst older adults, it is not surprising that there is a corresponding increase in the demand on health and social services. This retrospective cohort study analysed all emergency paramedic attendances to patients aged 65 or older between 1 July 2011 and 30 June 2014 in Victoria, Australia. A total of 596,579 cases of emergency paramedic attendance to patients 65 years or older in a three year period for 2011 -2014.
more » ... he mean (SD) age of patients was 79.8(8.2), with a range of 65 -112 years old. There were 235,483 (39%) patients aged between 75 -84, and 327,070 (55%) were female. Of the 89,952 (15%) patients located at nursing homes or supported accommodation facilities 53,175 (59%) were in the 84+ years category. Of the 'case nature' variables, medical accounted for 348,482 (59%) cases. There were 32,900 (6%) cardiovascular problems, 20,822 (3%) respiratory problems, and 4,327 (1%) mental health/behavioural problems. Of the patients included in the study 493,788 (83%) were transported. A search of all 'case descriptions' for phrases indicating a patient lives alone or lives by themselves, resulted in 59,760 incidence. This research show us that emergency paramedics in Victoria attend approximately 200,000 older patients per year with a wide variety of conditions. The detailed case descriptions however give us a deeper understanding of the complexity of underlying and often secondary psychosocial aliments.
doi:10.1093/geroni/igx004.3823 fatcat:hlqxpl7ocjaphgkuqhtghbc2mq