Planar and Layered Structures in Glacial Ice

Donal M. Ragan
1967 Journal of Glaciology  
In metamorphic rocks a sharp distinction between planar structures (e g. in schiste) and layered structures (e.g. in banded gneisses) is generally made. This same distinction has not been maintained in descriptions of analogous structures in glacial ice. At least part of the problem lies with the use of the term foliation, which, unfortunately, has been applied to both types of structures. On historical and etymological grounds, as well as on the basis of widespread acceptance by petrologists
more » ... e by petrologists and structural geologists, it is argued that foliation should apply to planar structures in both rocks and glacial ice.
doi:10.1017/s002214300001978x fatcat:ul7rlr27efbplfhh7xp4tn57xa