Case of fatal congenital toxoplasmosis associated with I/III recombinant genotype

S Boughattas, R Ben-Abdallah, E Siala, O Souissi, R Maatoug, K Aoun, A Bouratbine
2011 Tropical biomedicine  
We report a case of fatal congenital toxoplasmosis case in Tunis (North of Tunisia) associated with I/III recombinant genotype. The Toxoplasma gondii strain was isolated from placenta and characterized molecularly by a multilocus typing (3'SAG2, 5'SAG2, SAG3, AK69, APICO, and UPRT1) and a sulfadiazine resistance mutation analysis. The isolate was shown to be a wild drug sensitive I/III recombinant strain.
pmid:22433891 fatcat:yc642bnqirg4vfocr6diiiez7a